C-LIME File Format library

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LIME (which can stand for Lattice QCD Interchange Message Encapsulation or more generally, Large Internet Message Encapsulation) is a simple packaging scheme for combining records containing ASCII and/or binary data. Its ancestors are the Unix cpio and tar formats and the Microsoft Corporation DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) format. It is simpler and allows record sizes up to $2^{63}$ bytes, making chunking unnecessary for the foreseeable future. Unlike tar and cpio, the records are not associated with Unix files. They are identified only by a record-type (LIME type) character string, analogous to the familiar MIME application type. The LIME software package consists of a C-language API for creating, reading, writing, and manipulating LIME files and a small set of utilities for examining, packing and unpacking LIME files.

Code releases:

The current version of c-lime is lime-1.3.2. It can be downloaded as lime-1.3.2.tar.gz.

Changes since version 1.3.1 are (1) Adding an error message when a premature EOF is reached. The most recent version of the manual is lime_1p2.pdf.

Current and past releases can be found here.

The motivation for this development comes from the U.S. Dept. of Energy SciDAC program. See the USQCD home pages for more details.

Source code:

The latest releases of C-LIME and SciDAC software can be found on the the USQCD Software page.